5.5 Presentation Svalbard/eng


Spitsbergen Art Center

March - April - May

every Friday, 17:00 - 20:00 

Pick-up 16.45 at the Svalbardbutikken

An event where we lecture and what is the driving force in us are given about Svalbard and our way of life in Longyearbyen, with lots of other tips on what to do in Longyearbyen

We can accommodate up to 50 people.

NOK 400, -

Operations Manager Wolfgang’s Bachelor’s thesis is titled “Peace and Conflict studies about Arctic Geopolitics and Svalbard.” He has a broad background from many different professions. His depth takes on essential questions such as what is the driving force in people who have been attracted to Svalbard and were seeking their fortune as hunters, and many other personalities come up here as well. This event is the perfect place to get to know Svalbard's history. There will also be lots of tips on what to do in Longyearbyen and the opportunities to get to know the local community and around Longyearbyen. He  addresses the following question: What is the driving force that attracts people to an island like Svalbard? An angel who has been forgotten in our urban and technological world we encounter or not ?